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The smiling man image was taken from a portrait of him and his wife celebrating their 50th anniversary.  The love and joy beaming from his visage is undeniable. He is surrounded by a bouquet of flowers, adding an organic feel to the piece. The torn message at the bottom points toward a message of stoicism- that through virtue, we can achieve a happy life.


This is a one-off grinder, and won't be recreated. 


Herb grinders can be used for making bread crumbs, your own signature spice blends and (ahem) other herbs.  All of my grinders are made with handpoured resin, and are of excellent quality. 



Hellenic Herb Gr!nder

    • Disassemble your grinder so that your parts are separated. Then, go in with a toothpick or a cotton swab and dislodge any bits of herb stuck between the teeth. Work over a dish to catch any debris to grind and use later.
      • Acrylic or plastic grinders may deteriorate in alcohol or vinegar solutions, so use this method to give them a more gentle wash.
    • Soak the grinder in soapy water overnight, then scrub it clean. Fill a container, like a tupperware, with warm water and mix in about 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Place the grinder pieces in the container and let them sit for 6-7 hours. After, use a toothbrush to scrub the grime and loose bits of weed out of the grinder, wetting the brush with the soap solution.

    • Set grinder pieces on rack to dry completely before your next use.

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